Our Exclusive 4-E Credit Enhancement Process


Know your rights, the anatomy of your credit score and have a clear cut path to enhance your credit. Information is power and will prepare you for the eliminate stage. It’s imperative to not fall back into the old habits that affected your credit in the first place. The rules will always change but you just have to be educated and move with the times.


You don't know what you don't know, there needs to be a plan in place. This includes credit history, where you stand now and how to make your credit future the best it can be. Pulling your credit report will be the first step in identifying what we need to attack and will be the benchmark for your success


Most people miss the importance of building your credit profile. It's never too early to get positive momentum and build history. The battle between Good vs. Bad can accelerate your quest for awesome credit. We are going to dispute the negative but proving that you can pay your debts, consistently over a long period of time is essential


This is the one that gets people excited. It’s time to hold the credit agencies and the creditors accountable, leveraging the Fair Credit Reporting Act all information must be 100% accurate and the burden of proof is on them to provide all necessary documentation. 

What Can We Help You With?

Credit card debt is one of the leading causes of sub-prime credit scores. Learn how to manage them and maximize their potential for positive impact.

Student loans can be the largest debt people will ever incur in their lifetime. You can't make it go away but there are options to bring payments current and remove negative reporting from your history.

Do you have judgments against you that are hurting your ability to obtain funding? Let's explore getting them legally removed.

Do you know what's on your credit report? Does anything look unfamiliar? You could have been a victim of identity theft and not even know it.

Chapters 7 and Chapter 13 do not have to be a fatal blow to your credit score. Let's look over options to clean it up and move forward.

Don't let a blemish or two destroy your credit "ability", let's work on cleaning up the harmful stuff while preserving the good history.

Credit Repair ♦ Credit Building ♦ Credit Monitoring ♦ Credit Education 


Step By Step Credit Solutions

We are a full-service Credit Enhancement specialist with options to fit everyone's budget. We provide a non-judgemental, free discovery session to customize a plan to fit your situation.

Know Your Numbers

Here's the breakdown of your credit score


Credit Utilization

How much of your available credit are you using?


Payment History

How timely are you with your payments? 


Length of History

The longer you have proven to pay on time, the better


Credit Mix

Having a variety of credit is rewarded


New Credit

Too much "new" credit can hurt your score. 


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